Thursday, October 9, 2008

condolences for him..

Gw baru aja tau, dari mantan supervisor gw..
kalo ternyata ex boss gw meninggal dunia tadi pagi.

jujur gw kaget banget...
bisa dibilang gw ga percaya!!
he is so stubborn and annoying that he won't die easily!!!!

but, what can I say...
an accident is an accident, and it can really take people lifes....

it is true that I don't like him when I was working with him.
it is true that I'm happy when he quit the job.

but it also true that I am grieving for him.
I never thought that he is going to have such a short live.

he is not a good supervisor,
but he is quite nice as a friend.

this thing also teach me something.
we'll never know when, where, or how that we are going to die
it could be soon, it could be later
but you'll never know

now, I don't have any grudge to him
I forgived everything
and I am sincerely praying for him....

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