Friday, July 19, 2013

The end of Darren Shan

Ok, this is one of my teenager era hype...
I love this series so much, it's one of the literature that feeds to my early vampire imaginations.... Darren Shan and Anne Rice.......

The former is more child like and innocent and the later more to the adult and horror.. but I love both.. :)

I never had the chance to finish Darren Shan's Cirque du Freak series before, partly because it wasn't that famous (at least.. in where I am) that the books are quite rare. Really... I had to buy several of the collections of the series from abroad.

And recently I got my hands on the rest of the series... :) I'm in glee... though now I'm no longer in my teenage years and I noticed some of the 'too obvious signs that shouldn't be missed by the protagonist!!', I still enjoy it. And finally.. I've read the ending.

I was so curious about the ending... usually I could guessed some parts of the books and their endings, half of the time I could hit the bulls eyes with almost everything. It would be satisfactory, yes, but I would feel a bit boring... there suppose to be something that I can't guessed to make it interesting. Sometimes, I could get some parts of it and some are surprises, and only very several books that I can't predict at all, and that's very rare.

Darren Shan... is the mix of the middle and the later. I could guesses some of the components yes... but... I just don't know what's the ending going to be... and that's feeling gnawing at me... haunting me until I could finished it... releasing me from the torment of curiosity. Though yes.. some of the aspects are quite too obvious.

But the ending...........
How should I put this.... I dislike the ending, since I like the character of Darren Shan and I despise the idea that he would perish even though there's a happy ringing in his death, he would actually still be alive. But in the same time.... I salute the author for giving me an ending that I couldn't have guessed before and not at all part of my possible alternate endings. A surprise.

And think about it again... it could be one of the best ending it could have. Though some part of me wished that I could see him in a normal ending scene of defeating the lord of the Vampaneze, breaking the destruction destiny and yet still seize the power and throne that he could have. His love story with Debbie, his nephew, the vampire clan....
The thing that I'm longing to know is ... how the rest are doing now!! Though it's hinted that now there are other future possibilities and a good one.. I still long for more details.

But oh well..... I guess it should be enough to fill the blanks with my imagination now.

Then I think about the writing style.. He made it really as if.. the story had been true. That the author, a normal boy is real. Very interesting and creative I would say. Though I believed that of course it's just his imagination and he's clever enough to make the story 'believable'.

Then I remembered the recent news about cloning.. bringing the extinct animals back to live in the real world... and about Darren's friend collaborating with Mr. Tiny!!!!!!
so....... This saga is not really real right????
Or... perhaps... there are really Vampires and Vampaneze out there?
Well the scientist are not cloning the dragons as far as I know of course,.. but they are trying to resurrect the Mammoth (at least that's the latest news I got). But.. if by chance in the future... they make dragons too......
I think I would really REALLY believe that Darren Shan saga is real!!!!!

Friday, May 31, 2013

My Ramble

humans are very unexpected yet predictable
the mind could be complicated and simple
to know the dark secret of people will make you tremble
take their story for example
every little things that they grumble
leave my heart purple
she took her mother as a sample
and live a life that's suffer-able
thinks of others as expandable
they are the most pittiable
others are full of comfortable
all of their attitudes are deniable
sweeping the truths under the table

I hope I could win this gamble
with all of the things that I stumble
I believe that it would be possible
to cut the chains of the improbable
to live a life that's suitable

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sunday Shopping

A few days ago I read about the Sunday phenomenal in my little red Swiss book, a gift from my fiance. And oh how I could forgot about it after over a year out of Switzerland..

I remembered my first weeks in Switzerland… I went out on Sunday to sight seeing and shop like I used to all my life. Then I realized that they closed the shops!! It’s Sunday, the shopping and hang out day and they closed the shops, most of the restaurants and even Supermarkets!!!!! How could they???
Well it took me a few months to get used to it and still dislike the quite Sunday. And it’s one of the things that make me miss Asia or the States. The shops there are almost 24/7. And yes you can find anything, and everything you need/want.

The choices of shops and restaurants in Switzerland is limited as what that I came to notice with time as well.. Yes they have Asian food, but not the nice decent Asian food. And how about other global type of chain restaurants?? It seems that most of them haven’t find Switzerland yet. Nice decent Asian food is the 70% of my ‘missing the life in the other part of the world’. Coz really, you could get a nice decent Asian food in the States, why not here? And cooking by myself is not as easy as said, the ingredients itself is not that easy to obtain and usually it’s pretty expensive too. What is it that’s not expensive in this country?
And the ridiculous part is, on Sundays.. shops are not the only things that didn’t offer their services on Sundays, but also machines.. Yup that would include the ‘do yourself washing machine’ in your apartment or the photo booth in the train station. Yes.. I think they put machines as humans too and they need a one day off/week to maintain their work and life balance.

All things said…. Switzerland has it’s own charm on me. Perhaps it is the beautiful scenery that I woke up to every day, or the amazing cleanliness of the country, or my freedom that I can go anywhere without much permission from my family. Or maybe all that, and certainly that my other half is there too, and no questions about it, I miss Swiss.
But knowing that I’ll start a new chapter of my life there next year.. I know what I’m going to miss….. the variety of food, items and services that I won’t be able to have there, and especially not on Sundays!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Yesterday morning, on the way to my work.. I listened in the radio about the new law that’s on progress to be validated in the country. And the law is about giving maximum 5 years jail punishment for people using supernatural power to harm/kill other people (if it’s validated, this country I’m in would be the only country in the world that have a legal indications about supernatural powers), and they asked the listeners’ opinion about it.
I was shocked just to listen about it.. I mean… yes the people here are quite superstitious, but to put it in law.. seriously? On what base could you prove it? People testimonials? Their believes?
I’m afraid it would be just like the burning of the witches on the 15th century in Europe before. Where hundreds if not thousands of people convicted without much evidences. Framing innocent people would be so much easier this way, just point them as a voodoo user or something, and they would go to jail.
And then the first ringer is on the line. His comment made my jaw dropped… He said maximum 5 years punishment is too light, it should be life or even death punishment. If not, people would just resort to using black magic medium to kill people, as the punishment is way lighter than killing people in the ‘normal’ way. We should not ‘encourage’ people by making the punishment light. 0.o wow… I’m speechless.. Do people really believe it so much?
Then the second ringer is on the line.. and thanks God.. he’s sensible.. He said that it’s ridiculous and we would be the laughing stock of other countries.
Then the third ringer is online.. and again.. I really can’t believe it.. She basically agrees that it’s shameful, but we needed such law, so people will stop using it, as it is now against the law.
0.0….. I know some people do resort to black magic in this country for some things, but I myself think that it’s bulls***. I mean c’mon this is the 21st century, how could you explain how your hair/picture can be used to make you fall ill or even kill you from a sudden unknown disease -.-

If you really want to stop people to stop thinking about such supernatural foolishness, putting the people  behind bars are not enough. It would only make the people to believe it more, why else do you even put it in law if it’s not real? More people would seek help from the voodoo priests. Unless they charged the voodoo priests as frauds, then it’s okay to have such law.

Really….. sometimes people are just so stupid -.-

Thursday, January 31, 2013


That one holiday that I got my heart raced..
The day that I was so afraid..

There's this little dog that live with me now. He is a very cute dog, and I have grew fond of him. He's quite lively and loves to play and run, and he loves to play and run outside the house everytime the front door is open.

And in that day, the door was open, he ran out, he was running fast as if he was flying.. and I watched him ran. He was running out of my side, behind the truck that's parked in front of the house. Then I saw this car coming.. I already got a very bad feeling.. I just wished that the car won't run over him.. please it won't happen.

I saw the car gaining speed, as I just thought it would be okay. The dog would be smart enough not to cross the road at this point, I heard a bump and I heard the dog whined...

My heart sank....
I knew what happened, I ran to the street, and I saw him laying there, struggling to get up but can't.. I panicked, I though I could even hear the sound its bones rubbing as it tried to stand up. I can't stand the view and I ran back, calling for help.

By the time the driver was in the front porch, apologizing, I realized that I was a little bit shaking.  The dog seems to survive, the maid was carrying him, holding him.

We called the vet, but he would only be able to come after 3 hours and there was no hospital open that day. I was so scared..
Scared that the dog would have internal injuries
Scared that it won't be able to survive.

The dog can barely can stand up.. he was shaking
I could hear his damp breath, troubled and short

At one point, he was trying to poo, he got into position and fell down.
My heart is crying, I don't even know if I was crying literally or not.

He can't stop shaking, and I was trying to put him to sleep, to ease his pain and trauma, but all he did was whining in each of his breath..
I was preparing myself.. that I might not see him survive the night.
I was so sad.

The doctor came when he said he would, we showed him the dog, and he examined it. He said he was lucky, and he said he would survive.
I was so glad, there's no apparent broken bones.

It take some time before he would start touching his food, and start wiggling his tail again.
But every progress that he made to recovery.. it made me happy.
Today, he seems quite normal, almost like when the accident haven't happen.
I'm happy.