Thursday, March 28, 2013


Yesterday morning, on the way to my work.. I listened in the radio about the new law that’s on progress to be validated in the country. And the law is about giving maximum 5 years jail punishment for people using supernatural power to harm/kill other people (if it’s validated, this country I’m in would be the only country in the world that have a legal indications about supernatural powers), and they asked the listeners’ opinion about it.
I was shocked just to listen about it.. I mean… yes the people here are quite superstitious, but to put it in law.. seriously? On what base could you prove it? People testimonials? Their believes?
I’m afraid it would be just like the burning of the witches on the 15th century in Europe before. Where hundreds if not thousands of people convicted without much evidences. Framing innocent people would be so much easier this way, just point them as a voodoo user or something, and they would go to jail.
And then the first ringer is on the line. His comment made my jaw dropped… He said maximum 5 years punishment is too light, it should be life or even death punishment. If not, people would just resort to using black magic medium to kill people, as the punishment is way lighter than killing people in the ‘normal’ way. We should not ‘encourage’ people by making the punishment light. 0.o wow… I’m speechless.. Do people really believe it so much?
Then the second ringer is on the line.. and thanks God.. he’s sensible.. He said that it’s ridiculous and we would be the laughing stock of other countries.
Then the third ringer is online.. and again.. I really can’t believe it.. She basically agrees that it’s shameful, but we needed such law, so people will stop using it, as it is now against the law.
0.0….. I know some people do resort to black magic in this country for some things, but I myself think that it’s bulls***. I mean c’mon this is the 21st century, how could you explain how your hair/picture can be used to make you fall ill or even kill you from a sudden unknown disease -.-

If you really want to stop people to stop thinking about such supernatural foolishness, putting the people  behind bars are not enough. It would only make the people to believe it more, why else do you even put it in law if it’s not real? More people would seek help from the voodoo priests. Unless they charged the voodoo priests as frauds, then it’s okay to have such law.

Really….. sometimes people are just so stupid -.-

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