Thursday, January 17, 2008

my last class in this semester

My last class in this semester is Wine and Bar class.
Yup, you can guess from the name..
it's all about liquid that contains Alcohol that you can drink.

in this last class, we studied about spirits.
gin, tequila, absinthe, etc.
these are the liquids that have high percentation in ABV (alcohol by volume).
Because in order to maintain the flavors of the spirit, they need alcohol.
good spirits have minimum of 37% in ABV, and sometimes you saw in bars that they could flame some of the spirits, it need at least 40% in ABV.

If you see the first picture, the first three glass from the left are spirits and the last glass is water.
the color of the spirits are clean, colorless, water white. you could easily be mistaken as water instead!! seriously..
but if you smell them.. you could smell something different..
so, that's how you could differentiate the good spirits with the bad spirits.
the good spirits with high alcohol, could maintain the smell even if you swirl the glass.. (usually you DON'T swirl the glass with spirits, you do it with wine, but not spirits)
so... if it's bad spirit.. with low alcohol.. it's going to hard to differentiate them with water without tasting them isn't it?

the other way to test the quality of the spirits is by adding the equal amount of water to the spirit.
if you still could smell the flavor, it means it's a good one, if not..... it's going to be odorless.

oh yeah, the second glass is absinthe, you could see in the last picture that it's actually change it's color if you add water in it.
the color is cloudy, milky thing.
That's how to differentiate absinthe from the other spirits.

quite interesting isn't it?
but it's the hardest subject at the same time.
Most of the students failed this one.
Just hope that I could pass the final exam next week


Gunawan said...

Asik.... Aku diajarin buat bedain wine sama bar itu... Huh... Seru juga ya... Bisa buat2 kayak gitu tuh...
Tapi examnya gimana ya? Kok belajar wine cak itu2an sih? Kan lucu aja.... Hehe....

Vivienne said...

ini nih bagian spirit udah.. yang wine dah lewat.
klo wine, belajar bedain warna, bau, rasa..
awalnya pusing banget.. ga bisa bedain, trus.. lama" bisa dech

exam paling pusing dan bikin stress. yang membuat selesai exam tuh pasti langsung pengen praktek ke bar terdekat.. hahaha (well, itu sih most of my friends yach haha)
agak kayak geografi tuh jadinya klo exam.. pusing.. >.<