Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not in a mood for exam


Tomorrow is the first day of the final exams.....
but still.... I'm in my playful mood, I haven't even read anything today...
until now!!!!! and it's night already.......

maybe because tomorrow is business communication anyway, there's nothing to study.
or... even though there's something to study, something to read... I'll finish it in... 2 hours at the most. For sure. Because... I knew this.. then... I'm not trying to study now....
but still... I don't feel like the exams are in front of my face, no!!
It felts like a usual week, without any exam or homework, a week where I could just lazying around.....
though of course... it's not as easy as it seems to be...

ok, here's my schedule

Monday       : Business Communication Exam           2 PM
Tuesday       : French 3 Exam                                        4 PM
Wednesday :  Introduction to Tourism Exam          10 AM
Thursday     : Housekeeping Management Exam      8 AM
Friday          : Accounting Report                                 3 PM
Monday       : Introduction to Events Presentation  8 AM
Tuesday       : Marketing Exam                                     8 AM

Not as full as my first year's schedule though, this year's is more relax and not that cramped together.
So... it is quite good actually.

After all of these exams.... it's time for me to have fun, it's time for me to start packing!!!!!
Since I'll move to Zug, I guess maybe on the 24th, since I'll start working on 26th. So I'll have one day to unpack and familiarize with the environment. Plus, to subscribe with the internet provider, I really need internet to give some colors in my internship live. Since I'll have nothing to do when I'm not working, I need the internet to watch movies, chat with my friends, call my parents and friends, read news, and of course... blogging.

what should I do so I could have a better mood for exam?
so I could study better?
what should I do?????
what could I do???
so I could stay focus with my reviews??

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