Saturday, January 24, 2009

my last day at School

This is the end of my short vacation, actually it already ended since yesterday.... since I was packing the whole day.....
I can't imagine I have so many stuff!!!!!
and incredibly... I managed to pack everything!!!! though... moving is another big challenge! lol

I put 1 box at school, that's the only box that we could put at school. I have 1 luggage and 2 boxes that I'll send through post to my new city, and I'll leave 1 bag in Leysin with my roommate that I'll take later and... I'll carry 1 back pack and 1 small bag to my new place tonight.

What am I doing now?
waiting for the train station to reopen after lunch break to send my 3 valuable items, then... I'll be officially ready to go. In the same time, I also enjoyed the unlimited though slow internet that I have now. Cause I might need to survive a week or more without internet lol.

Prepared to be a bit isolated in the new place for a moment before I could gain the connection again. ^^

I've done packing, now just waiting for the time to go....

I'm wondering about the new life that I'll have
about the new place that I'll live
the new place that I'll work
the people that I'll work and live with.........

It's like going somewhere that I don't know...
and I'm just depending on hopes.......

I hope everything is going to be ok
I hope everything will run well

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