Friday, December 18, 2009


setelah report rally that equals to the hell of my life.....


yup that's right.... :D

Yah.. walaupun ga 100% holiday sih.. berhubung masih ada holiday report dan final exam yang mesti dipersiapkan.... T.T

2 weeks holiday would fly like a tornado T.T

But you know what?? for this moment, I don't care... I'm in a full holiday mood. It's 3.45 AM, my last report just been due, I'm not sleepy at all.. and YES it's officially my holiday!!!!!!!!!


nothing else matter :D

Holiday plan:
  • snowboarding
  • horse riding
  • read novels
  • go to Lucerne
  • find an apartment
  • think slowly again about dslr
  • managerial accounting report
  • marketing case study
  • HR & management principles review
  • HAVE FUN!!

Hidup liburan!!
Long live holiday!!
God bless the holiday!!!

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