Friday, April 2, 2010

Bored to the max......

08.20 AM

I am working now... yup I am..
So.... what am I doing now??

Writing my blog.. yeah right..

Because there's nothing else to do!!!!!!!!
It's public holiday, Easter. Most of the companies in Switzerland would be closed, including the academic of the school. Well.. too bad that my school also provide the accommodation in school, it means that the operation of the school must keep working. And that, including me as a receptionist.

It's just that... there's not much to do. I'm serious. No posts coming, no deliveries, yesterday was the last day of exams and reports for the students, so I'm so sure they went to party crazily last night (it means that they would be dead sleeping until midday) and most of the students are out of the school anyway (since it's holiday, they went traveling abroad).

So.. here I am, sitting behind the reception desk, from 7 AM, with nothing to do (I can't open the document server because of the server error, that means... I can't continue the things that I might be able to do), with no games or chatting allowed and no students to attend to.

I hope the reception-mac will be fixed soon, so I can use it (right now I'm more comfortable with mac rather than PC plus di mac gw punya account sendiri and jg posisinya lebih memungkinkan untuk melakukan hal2 yg ga bersangkut paut dgn kerja haha).

I hope my partner will come soon, coz I have some questions that I need to ask.. .. Our supervisor left us a note of reminders to make sure that we do everything right or not forget about anything because we no, I am alone! And I don't want to make mistakes.. I need the reminder.. but... WHERE DID HE PUT IT???

08.52 AM

Great.. now the school e-mail server is down... I can't open the working e-mail.. The front office program is also down.. How am I supposed to work??

10.53 AM

Ok, Eric took the memo home, and he gave it to me already :) Now I remember what are the things that I could do... It's just that... the server is still down and without the server I can do NOTHING.
Great right? The only things I could do is answering phone calls, give the students their recommended mails and.. .. .. sit nice behind the reception desk and be a nice decoration.

Well, I could pass some time by playing hangman, just found it in igoogle, not great but ok. I just need to wait around 20 more minutes and I could have my lunch break.

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock......

03.14 PM

At last.... it's working!! And yes, my shift finished at 4 PM. Well... it seems that it's only the email that works though.. the program is not working yet..... OMG.. luckily it's really quiet.. if not.. well... nothing that I can do..

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